A Trip On The Manatee Pocket Mangrove Mini Tour

Jun 12, 2015


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It was hot, humid and very summer like when we launched on our Manatee Mini Tour today. My glasses fogged up as soon as I took two paddle strokes. I prefer that too being blown back to the dock however. My gang of newbies all stood up and paddled off with no difficulties. That’s always nice.

As we headed across the Manatee Pocket we scanned the water for signs of turtles, dolphins or manatees. The water was surprisingly clear after last night’s heavy rain.

Right after we entered the little Manatee Creek I spotted something that looked like a manatee. We investigated and no go. Many mangrove crabs were spotted as we cruised under the bridge and we learned about the three species of mangrove as we went. After exploring the island area we headed back to the bridge. We were almost to it when I turned and saw Manatee foot prints approaching behind us. We were being followed by manatees. They swam right under us and then we followed them for a bit. They were very relaxed and just chilling out. They were rolling around and sticking their backs out of the water. What a privilege to get to share the water with gentle creatures like that!

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